Our research team, coming from different disciplines, reflects our interdisciplinary approach to research. We integrate the bio-psycho-social disease model into our studies. Our focus is on patients with chronic diseases and their quality of life.
By using modern technologies, we develop and evaluate mobile health (mHealth)
interventions for self-care complementary therapies that can be used by patients independently.
We work primarily on complex treatment methods such as acupuncture and Mind Body Medicine. Furthermore, we investigate the influence of patient expectations and nonspecific factors on treatment response.
Our research designs include observational studies, randomized trials, meta-analyses and qualitative methods.
Within the context of Implementation Science, we analyze aspects of the implementation of complementary medical procedures in health care. We are Cochrane Satellite of the Cochrane Field Complementary Medicine and perform systematic reviews and meta-analyses.
We monitor patient treatments conducted at the institute scientifically. Our research results are used to improve patient treatments at the institute.
Our institute uses a global network by cooperation partners with well-known universities and has an international scientific advisory board. However, local networks are also very important to us. For this reason, we are involved in interdisciplinary research alliances (e.g., Citizen Science, Competence Center Mental Health, Digital Society Initiative) within the University of Zurich.


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