​KOKON-KTO Framework


Relevant materials of the KOKON-KTO training framework are made available here. The aim of this training is to enable oncologically active oncology physicians to advise their cancer patients about complementary medicine therapies and to make appropriate recommendations. This training was developed and evaluated as part of a study by the Competence Network for Complementary Medicine in Oncology (KOKON). Project funding was provided by the German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe) and the Günter and Regine Kelm Foundation.

The materials available on this website are open access, taking into account the applicable Creative Common License, which is shown on the materials. Further training materials can be made available by the authors on request.



Rogge, A.A., Baur, I., Blettner, G., Holtkamp, U., Horneber, M., Jahn, P., Joos, S., Keberle, S., Kettelgerdes, A., Klemperer, D., Längler, A., Voiß, P., Weis, J., Witt, C.M. (2020). Defining criteria for guiding cancer patients to find a reputable complementary medicine provider: Results of a literature review and a consensus procedure. Patient Preference and Adherence, 14:747-755. Link.

Witt, C.M., Helmer, S.M., Schofield, P., Wastell, M., Canella, C., Thomae, A.V., Rogge, A.A. (2020). Training oncology physicians to advise their patients on complementary and integrative medicine – an implementation study for a manual-guided consultation. Cancer, in press. Link. Videoabstract

Witt, C.M., & Müller, T. (2021). Komplementärmedizin in der gynäkologisch-onkologischen Sprechstunde: Wie mache ich mich fit dafür? Gynäkologe, 54:32-37. Link.



Further training materials can be made available by the authors on request.

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