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Digital services

digitale_konsulation.jpgWe adapt our services to the New Coronavirus situation continuously. We would like to protect you to get infectected and support you with your medical necessary ongoing treatments at the best.

Hence, our consultations are currently conducted mainly in a digital manner using video calls. We will explain you the process when arranging the appointment and will instruct you carefully.

We are pleased to offer you this service and to support you this way.

Services for cancer patients

At our outpatient clinic we provide consultations and group treatments for cancer patients interested in an additional complementary medicine treatment.
We are committed to an integrative oncology approach and adapt the treatments individually according to the patient`s needs and preferences. The therapies provided by our team to the patients are aligned with the patients’ cancer treatments.
Our innovative treatment options combine the latest scientific evidence from different fields with profound experience in complementary medicine.
You can find more information about our services for cancer patients on our German website.

Servcies for patients with functional and inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases

Functional gastrointestinal diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome, often mean years of recurrent suffering for those affected. The symptoms also repeatedly provoke stress and thus further intensify the subjective complaint.
Chronic intestinal inflammations, such as Crohn's disease or Colitis Ulcerosa, are less frequent but are usually even more physically and mentally stressful in their symptoms.
A higher tolerance for stress can positively influence the progress of the disease and can possibly improve both the quality of life and digestive problems in the active stage of the disease and in remission.
The Institute for Complementary and Integrative Medicine has developed a range of therapies for functional and inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases in cooperation with the the Clinic for Gastroenterology of the University Hospital Zurich.
The referrals will be made by the Clinic for Gastroenterology.
You can find more information about our services for patients with functional and inflammatory gastrointestinal on our German website.  


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