Naturopathy can be defined as the teaching of natural remedies and their special effects and principles of action (Pschyrembel - Wörterbuch Naturheilkunde). Naturopathy also addresses the "nature" of the patient and his illnesses and develops its own anthropology and disease concepts.

Natural healing methods can be defined as therapeutic measures that activate physical and mental order and healing powers with means taken directly from nature with few side effects and which, within the framework of overall medicine, serve to promote health, alleviate complaints and heal diseases.

Definition translated from:
Volger, E. & Brinkhaus B. (2013) Standortbestimmung: Naturheilverfahren und Naturheilkunde. In: Volger, E. & Brinkhaus B. (Hrsg.): Kursbuch Naturheilverfahren. Urban & Fischer Verlag, Elsevier GmbH, München.

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